Tuesday, March 15, 2005


How to Write A Book Proposal
by Michael Larsen

The Mini Proposal

1. Your Overview
*Your subjefct hook
*Your book hook
*Special features
*Celebrity Introduction
*The market for your book
*Subsidary rights potential
*Your spin-off books
*Competitive books

2.Your mission statement

3. Your platform

4. Your promotion plan
*List 5 things you will do to promote your book
*Number of markets you will visit
*Number of talks per year

5. Resources needed to complete your book
*You will recieve the manuscropt X months after receipot of the advance.

6. You bio
*Half page and small head shot

7. Your outline
*Chapter titles, number of pages in each.
*A few words about each chapter (start with verbs)

Submit to as many people as you wish but make sur eto mention in cover letter that othger editors or agenct s have copy of the proposal. And I also have a XX page full proposal upon request

Find an agent?
*Utilize your networks, ask who they use. Have them recommend you to their agent.

The Query Letter
* Reason why you are contacting them, recommendation from one of their authors, former books or authors.
*Short subject hook that justifies your book
*Essense of your book: full title and selling handle
* 4-5 strongest parts of you rpromotion plan
* What you have ready to sumbiit, X page mini proposal, xx page proposal, xxx page manuscript.
*Why you are the best person to write the book
*Multiple submission

*No 10 business envelope, SASE
*Postage Paid self addressed postcard with agents name and your return address.
Please Send The Proposal.
Sorry We Can't Help
*Name of the person and agency*

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