Saturday, March 12, 2005

And the stories begin...

So reading this bio in Writers Digest this month really hit me.

The Highly Successful Habits of Debut Authors

Johanna Edwards, 26
Debut Book: The Next Big Thing, March 2005

A novel about Internet love, plus sized heroine and reality television.

Frame: I wrote "The Next Big Thing" in six weeks, spent one month on revisions, could queried and found an agent in two months, who then got me a six figure deal in five days."

I repeat, a SIX FIGURE DEAL. Holy fuck.
I could get me a six figure deal? I think this article...lit my ass on fire!
Good God....all the stories are right in my head, I just need to *write it quirky* and do it...

I want to write. I am going to write. The stories in my journals and notebooks and floating in my head here and there, I want to write. I want others to read. I will do it. And you can all follow me here!

Stay tuned!

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