Monday, November 27, 2006

Speaking to the Nano's? :)

My Daily Om Horoscope for today.

November 27, 2006
When Success Is Inevitable
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

We can concentrate more of our intellectual and creative energy on the goal-realization process when we firmly believe that success is an inevitable part of our future. Worry and anxiety deplete our reserves of vigor, robbing us of our ability to effectively deal with life’s challenges. When we divest ourselves of the fear of failure and rejection, we can focus the whole of our attention on realizing the objectives we set for ourselves. Little can distract us from our purpose, as we are dedicated to our path by virtue of our remarkable optimism. In security, we find the strength and motivation that pushes us forward through times of triumph and times of trouble. If you fully believe in your ability to attain your aspirations today, you will find it easy to maintain your current level of devotion.

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