Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I usually really like reading my weekly WritersWeekly newsletter on Wednesday. I esepcically like the section on freelancing opportunities and Angela makes the letter warm and personal.

However I seriously question that anyone with a brain would ask her this question. If you can figure out that the company is blogspot and blogger, do you NOT know how to, oh GOOGLE this information? Please. I am turned off at the fact that this question was not only asked, but answered on the website. I thought her readers were beyond this level of understanding.

A Blog Hosted By Google Stole My Copyrighted Material!
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Dear Angela,

I was immediately drawn to this warning. I recently found an article of mine on a blog located at The title was changed but the rest was verbatim, with no credit to me, the copyright holder, or the magazine it appeared in, and certainly no permission from me. (There were other articles from this same magazine on the site.)

This "" seems to be powered or hosted by something called "Blogger," but I can't find a link anywhere on their site to complain about copyright infringement. On top of that, it appears the blogger makes money from advertising clicks. Have any suggestions how to stop this?


Blogspot is owned by Google. Here's how to notify Google of copyright infringment existing on their servers:

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