Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good for her! Local woman gets a book deal!

And a lesson to all of us.

I am thinking of the all insane life stories I have to tell...

Amherst woman rediscovers life through memoir
by Charity Vogel (My favorite!)

"I don't think my story is that unique," said Benjamin. "Everybody faces conflicts - everybody faces degrees of adversity."

Here's what makes her different: Benjamin, 41, sat down at her computer in her Amherst home last January and began to pour out her pain onto paper. In four months, she was done; she submitted her work to some agents she found online and the next thing she knew - by last fall - she had a publisher.

Now, her book, "The Waking Dance," which is an intimate memoir of her life over the past four years, has been published by SterlingHouse Press in Pittsburgh and will be available starting this month in bookstores.

"It's all me," said Benjamin, a petite, auburn-haired woman with blue eyes and an intense smile. "It's how I speak, it's how I inflect. It's written as if I'm telling you a story."

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