Saturday, May 06, 2006

So is the name Frank my ex-boyfriend's pseudonym?

The Writing Life- It may not be poetry, but sportswriting has art, heart and incomparable bar buddies.

By Frank Deford

As a writer, the worst two things that ever happened to me were, number one: I had a happy childhood. Number two: I belong to the absolute and utter majority, bland across the board. I have no personal injustices to rail about. An agent of mine once said to me, "Frank, you are the last of the tall, white, male, WASP, Ivy League, heterosexual writers." ..Perhaps this is why I ended up writing about sports.

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Blogging In New York said...

I love this, maybe next time I am wallowing in self-pity it will help to tell myself I have great wrighting material here or maybe it will just make me feel sorrier for myself