Sunday, May 28, 2006


Ah, *MyFriend* Rebecca had a blog and now has a book.

BreakupBabe: A Novel.

I promoted it here at Perchance to Be. And her publisher sent out a free book. It arrived today.

This would be the 3rd blogger turn bookdeal I have devoured in one sitting.

Julie and Juila

The Washingtonienne.

And now BreakupBabe.

Each one goes through the excitement that every blogger experiences. That first comment from a friend. That first comment from some TOTAL stranger! The addiction to statcounters. Linking. Leaving comments. And generally the amazing feeling of being able to have an outlet to write. Ah. :) I remember those days. (In fact I am still amiss over the fact that since I moved to my new page, I have seemingly lost 50 some hits a day! I was averaging 200!)

Each time I read one of these books I think *Damn, I could do that too.* (Another time, another place for that continuing thought...stay tuned)

So this time? We are talking breakups. I have been through them...but not in this way. Not in the *this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with and I am almost 30 fuck you what on earth will I do my life is over* way. Lucky me, I only selected men I was pretty sure I did not want to spend the rest of my life with and broke up with each of them first. (I see a book? ;)

I was only about 27 pages in when I realized that Erin, blogged this same story with her last ex (minus the working in the same building and making a shitload of money and telling us how much her cute clothes cost) So I did what any friend would do...I handed it to her immediately.

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