Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Calling all your short stories out there!!!!

The Emerging Writers Network 2006 Short Fiction Contest

I am excited to announce what I hope to be the first annual Emerging Writers Network Short Fiction Contest. The winning story will be posted on the EWN Blog during the month of December, and will also find itself published in the Spring 2007 issue of Frostproof Review. The author will also receive $500.

While the stories will all initially be read and evaluated by myself, 20 finalists will be passed along to this year’s Guest Judge: Charles D’Ambrosio! He will select a winner out of these 20 finalists and write a brief introduction as to what it was that jumped out at him, and elevated it to the top of his pile. Charles D’Ambrosio has published a short story collection, The Point, as well as a collection of essays, Orphans. In April 2006, his second collection of stories, Dead Fish Museum, will be published by Knopf.


krista said...

Awesome! Thanks for that info. I bet my husband will enter.

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