Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not unlike a boyfriend...ha!

I read this line in the WritersWeekly Newsletter and smiled :) I might not have experience (yet) with trying to find an agent, however...I sure know about men! And since I have found myself in such an amazingly PEACEFUL and SIMPLE and HAPPY place with that area of my life, for the first time, EVER. Perhaps...well... SYNCHRONICITY?

Here's the quote...
"One of the biggest problems with seeking an agent is that you may actually find one. Not unlike the ever popular quest for a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's easy to overlook some rather annoying qualities when you just want an agent so badly."

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bren said...

You must be doing this now... I left you msgs on your blog as well as in my blog comments... but on mine it came up annonomyous... FYI i still have your christmas gift in my trunk