Sunday, November 19, 2006

My cats are sabotaging my writing. Yes, my cats. Not my willpower, I can overcome the fuzzy, purring, lovely adorable furry creatures if I wanted to. But they, they are tough to reason with and quite demanding.

I made it past the 30,000 mark yesterday and I knew that today would be another day of getting it down on the page, before my Mark comes home from Rochester. I started the day off reading the blogs, reading the online papers, posting a wee bit and glancing at the Buffalo News, at least the advertisements. I um, reheated up coffee from the full pot made last night, had a few fried eggs and was good to go, before the football game would start at one.

Except, I needed t o fetch my glasses first. And my glasses were in the bedroom next to the nightstand, which is next to the bed, where my Simba Cat was sleeping. So cute, silent, curled up at the end of t he bed, like a dog that he sometimes thinks he is. Of course I made the mistake of lingering just a little too long…because Simba Cat sensed my presence and demanded attention. (I know this feeling well…) And as soon as I thought of taking that one step, glasses in hand that would lead me out of the bedroom…I hear the pathetic half asleep “mmmmrrrrooow.” And another, this time head raised “Mrrrow? Mrrrow?” Oh man, I couldn’t resist. So down I went on the bed to pet the giant kitty. My giant purring machine. And nothing in the world is more relaxing with a purring kitty lying on your warm, fuzzy blanket on the bed you just got out of a few hours before.


Three hours later, I stir. Simba Cat by my side. Damn, I was trapped again!

So now I am at the computer, and guess who shall appear? Oh, my dearest Sasha Kitten… I am never going to get any writing done today!

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